The Institute for Politics and Society, in collaboration with the Embassy of Hungary in Prague, is organizing the "Challenges of Digital Health in the V4" business breakfast on October 12, 2023, in Prague

The business breakfast will focus on a series of critical discussions related to eHealth. Key topics will include the strategies for holding Ministries accountable for advancing eHealth and the incentives to encourage physicians to adopt standard eHealth systems. There will be a particular focus on data control and protection, with an emphasis on ensuring the security of user health data.

The perspective of users will be a prominent theme, highlighting telemedicine as a means of accessing vital information and its potential as a tool for preventative care. Additionally, the event will explore the question of whether eHealth is considered a premium service and examine strategies for achieving universal access. Furthermore, the event will provide a platform to discuss how ministries can harness private partnerships to enhance their organizational capacity through innovative practices.

Area of discussions:

  • How can we speed up eHealth advances and incentivize physicians to implement standard eHealth systems?
  • Who controls the data and how do we protect user health data?
  • From the user point of view telemedicine is access to vital information. How can providing this information be a tool of preventative care?
  • Is eHealth considered a premium service? How can access be distributed universally?
  • What are the economic advantages of eHealth digitalization and how can they be capitalized?
  • How can governments utilize private partnership to expand the capacity of health care providers through innovative practices?

The business breakfast will be held on October 12th, 2023 from 9:00 to 11:00. The working language of the business breakfast is English. The event is by invitation only.


Co-organizer of the event is the Embassy of Hungary in Prague