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24. 10. 2022

It is unobjectionable that climate change affects the economy. Whereas the power of global capital markets plays a key role in the shift to decarbonisation. Hence, the investment process impacts the speed and magnitude of the transition to a low-carbon economy.

This publication aims at being a stimulus for a debate on the role of gas in the European Taxonomy and on energy transition policies – also in light of the most recent events. A debate that today sees the EU Member States quite uncertain on whether to adopt a common strategy to do without the Russian gas – and, if yes, which strategy.

The study was published by the European Liberal Forum in cooperation with Fondazione Luigi Einaudi ETS and the contribution of Sarka Shoup and Ryan Jacobsen of the Institute for Politics and Society.

Editors: Gian Marco Bovenzi, Francesco Cappelletti

ISBN: 978-2-39067-038-4

Publication – Sarka Shoup, Ryan Jacobsen, October 2022

Full text in PDF under the link below.

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