Institute for Politics and Society organizes a debate on the topic of "30 years since the fall of the Iron Curtain in Europe".

Almost 30 years ago, the Communist regimes began to fall in Central and Eastern Europe. The Central European states had to deal with many challenges related to democratization of the communist institutions. Such as, entering contacts with new partners, adopting democratic principles of law, the challenge of membership in the western structures, as well as the unification of Germany and the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. As Ralf Dahrendorf mentioned, freedom of speech can be implemented in a day, but market economy in 10 years.

How can we look at Ralf Dahrendorf´s statement retrospectively? Which states have successfully transformed into western structures? Which one have failed and why? What was the impact of the fall of the communism in Europe on the rest of the world? Why haven´t the Asian communist regimes fallen, too?