Alena Schillerová
Aleš Michl

Institute for Politics and Society invites you to a business breakfast with Alena Schillerová, Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic.

The Czech economy is probably experiencing the best period in its history and sometimes it may seem that the crisis years are not in sight. Investors continue to regard the Czech Republic as an attractive destination, but the economic boom can not last forever, so we should be prepared for worse times. Even though tax system has been transformed during past years, the economical boom has been achieved also due to more effective tax collection.

Do we really have a well-functioning tax system? When can we expect a simplification of the tax system? When can we expect a tax return on one page? What are the results of the tax collection since the ANO movement is in the government? What are the macroeconomic prospects of our country for the upcoming years?

The breakfast is by invitation only.