H. E. Latchezar Petkov
H. E. Sten Schwede
Cyril Svoboda

The Institute for Politics and Society organised business breakfast on the topic Challenges for the European Union Council Presidency.

European is facing many crises and challenges, reform of the eurozone, migration, brexit, digital economy and many others. During the breakfast we will discuss how these priorities and challenges were handled by Estonian and will be approached by Bulgarian Presidency of the Council. Estonian presidency emphasized innovative European economy, a safe and secure Europe, digital Europe and free movement of data as well as an inclusive and sustainable Europe. Priorities of the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU will be presented and discussed.

The speakers are:

H. E. Sten Schwede, the Ambassador of Estonia in the Czech Republic,

H. E. Latchezar Petkov, the Ambassador of Bulgaria in the Czech Republic.

The event will take place on 24 January 2018 as a business breakfast, and will be moderated by Cyril Svoboda, the founder and current Director of the Diplomatic Academy, and former Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Czech Republic. The event is held in English without translation service and it is by invitation only.