Adam Vojtěch
Vladimír Dzurilla
Jan Klesla

The Institute for Politics and Society is holding a debate called eGoverment with Adam Vojtěch, Minister of the Health and Vladimír Dzurilla, Designated Representative for IT.

The new Cabinet set the Digital Czech Republic as one of the main priorities. The Czech Republic has long been struggling with a lag in the field of e-Government and digitalization of public administration.
This event will stimulate a dialogue between the Minister of Health of the Czech Republic and Designed Representative for IT, who will be involved in the decision-making process for the implementation of the eGovernment into the Czech system. A much-needed debate will be hosted to analyse the real situation in eHealth and eGovernment across the European Union, how the rules will work in practice. Healthcare and finance are examples of highly regulated sectors that are undergoing a radical transformation under the influence of modern technologies and in which significant advancement can be achieved.

Confirmed speakears are:

Adam Vojtěch, Minister of Health

Vladimír Dzurilla, Designated Representative for IT

Moderator of the breakfast is  Jan Klesla, Columnist of journal Lidové noviny.


The business breakfast is by invitation only.