The Institute for Politics is headed not only by professionals but also by a great group of people. Together we are the most active Czech political think-tank that cultivates the political environment and offers solutions to current social problems.


During my internship experience at the Institute for Politics and Society, I worked within an analytical team. During this experience, I worked on various types of tasks and projects as administration, translations, analyses, and articles. I was able to develop and improve my existing skills and also get several new ones.

I particularly found challenging types of work as the most useful in improving my analytical skills. The small or routine tasks were as important as the more challenging ones in the working process, which taught me to improve my time management skills, work discipline, and communication. The working experience also enabled me to reflect on the skills I still need to improve and gain more experience. I especially appreciated the opportunity to realize my ideas on topics I could publish in the form of articles. Further, I would like to mention the willingness and helpfulness of the employees of the Institute, that I had a chance to work with, including the director of the Institute which I was honored to cooperate with during my last projects. Although the current situation disabled my physical attendance at the workplace associated with the networking experience, I found the home office situation beneficial. As I already mentioned, this kind of working process improved my organizational and time management skills in unconventional conditions.

In conclusion, my experience at the Institute of Politics and Society, as my first internship, was crucial for my next development and my next position as well as a great life experience.