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3. 11. 2020

Who could have ever imagined that after more than four years of negotiations between London and Brussels there were not only still threats of a “No Deal”, but also deep uncertainties regarding the UK’s future economic prospects? Probably no one. Few have clear ideas about what will happen on December 31st: London left the EU last January and according to the Withdrawal Agreement it should leave it officially on January 1st, 2021, but economic, social and cultural implications are still object of concerns. From labor to industry, from defense to security, from university programs to China’s investments, from the trade with the EU to the WTO’s rules, from Covid-19 to the forecasts of a declining economy, from the disagreements on Northern Ireland’s border to the possible resurgence of violence and terrorism, from the role of London to the reputation of the island.

Policy Brief – Amedeo Gasparini, November 2020

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