Many of you have questions about us. Therefore, we have chosen the ones that interest you the most. So, whether you want to know how we work, what is our impact on politics, how much we change it, or what our values are, you'll find all the answers on this page and if not, do not hesitate to ask us and write to us.

The Institute for Politics and Society, or IPS, analyses important economic, political, and social areas that affect today’s society. Created in October 2015, the Institute’s external activity was established in February of 2015. With the inception of this activity, the very first conference, “Acute Problems of Europe”, was held and was attended by Guy Verhofstadt, Andrej Babis and Pavel Telicka.

The Institute hosts various debates, round table discussions, business breakfast events, and regularly issues policy papers on a wide range of issues.

Notably, in October of 2014 IPS became a member of the ELF (European Liberal Forum). The ELF consists of 46 think-tanks throughout Europe.

Our partners include the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Ceska sporitelna, Czech Industry Magazine, and many others.

One of our main goals is the cultivation of the Czech political and public space through relevant open discussion and providing a living platform focusing on a variety of issues and solutions. These platforms consists of international conferences, workshops, public debates, and political and social analyses. We aim to make all of this available to the Czech society. Our belief is that through open discussion we can provide the necessary conditions for successful political and social solutions.

We currently employ a closed group of employees of up to 5 people. Nevertheless, there is an available growing base of independent consultants. These external experts engage in the wide range of fields which define our mission statement.

A think tank is defined as an institute or group organized to study and provide information, education, ideas, and advice on particular areas of issue. The Institute for Politics and Society does just this. Through public debates, we are able to educate our society on the political, economic, and social issues facing today. The Institute hosts a number of business breakfast events with a variety of top political representatives of the Czech Republic, and with some of the most significant representatives of domestic Czech companies. The Institute also regularly provides policy papers to its supporters on various selected themes, typically focusing on domestic and international issues. We do so by outsourcing the extensive part of our analyses to our external experts. Additionally, we regularly work and cooperate with other Czech and international think tanks.

We primarily focus on international and security politics, defense, European issues, education, digitization, economics, energy, urbanism, issues related to the values within politics, and human rights both locally and globally.

We have been established as a think tank that is close to the ANO movement. However, we are an independent organization, and our ties with ANO are open and unbiased. We involve experts, independent consultants, and politicians from the whole political spectrum. Our events are open to all interested persons regardless to political inclusion.

We are funded by sponsorship from various companies. Our funding is transparent and can be seen in our website, www.politikaspolecnost.cz, under the section “Partners”.

We are currently the only think-tank within the Czech Republic that is a member of ELF (European Liberal Forum), where we work in a range of activities including debates, round-table discussions, and educational events. These activities particularly reflect liberal and European themes. In addition, the Institute covers a variety of issues that are not addressed by ELF, as discussed above.

In contrast, many other think tanks and similar organizations within the Czech Republic are focused predominately on international issues or the European Union. These events become highly repetitive in both topics discussed and solutions offered. The main purpose of IPS is to educate and influence the affairs within society, and both domestic and international politics. All of our events and policy papers are publicly accessible.

The answer depends on the type of hosted activity. For instance, the MPs are particularly interested in the internal events of the Institute – round table debates and business breakfast events.

They do, and we are open to such challenges. These requests may consist of writing policy papers on specific topics they are interested in, arranging for a debate where they may attend as a speaker, or engaging in a work group in which they can meet other experts and discuss issues at hand.

We do, especially regarding the activities which are initiated by politicians’ own proposals (see the question n. 10).

There are several ways; such as becoming a sponsor, an intern or an independent consultant. For more information, please send an email to office@politicsandsociety.cz, nejlépe s konkrétním návrhem, jak byste se chtěl(a) zapojit., preferably with a certain suggestion for your proposed role within the Institute for Politics and Society.