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10. 12. 2019

The science has been clear for decades now. Catastrophic fires, hurricanes, heat and cold waves decimating food and water supplies indicate that change needs to come desperately soon for Earth’s environment to survive. While the Paris climate accords have been criticized as not making a drastic enough change, it still represents the newest major agreement and acknowledgement from global leaders that climate change poses a threat to us all; and we are responsible for taking the necessary steps to correct our behavior. However, many scientists looking even further forward say that it is still not enough. Politicians need to double or triple their Paris pledges if there is to be hope of a habitable Earth by the end of the century.

US President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Accords demonstrates that there is still a large portion of humanity that does not believe climate change to be an issue that pertains to them. This is a dangerous mindset for any individual to have, much less the president of the world’s second largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Donald Trump’s excuse that the accords are too harsh on American businesses is a short-sighted justification for the continued rise in US emissions while other countries take more effective steps towards meeting their Paris goals.

Policy Paper – Tessa Bries, December 2019

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