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7. 7. 2020

The current coronavirus situation in the US is an enigma to say the least. Some states, like New York and Washington, are seeing a decrease in new cases while others, like Arizona and California, are seeing an increase. At this point, all 50 states had attempted to reopen to some extent and, the number of new cases per day was going down for a while. While the pandemic is continuing, it is no longer at the centre of attention in much of the country. The spotlight has been taken by the ongoing protests and riots across the country in response to police brutality and racism. These gatherings started occurring on May 26th and are still ongoing in many parts of the US today. The US is starting to see an increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases as a result of the mass gatherings and poorly timed reopenings. Additionally, another problem has arisen that not many may be aware of: outbreaks in prisons.

Policy Paper – RYAN JACOBSEN, July 2020

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