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19. 10. 2020

Israel has been facing tremendous pressure from its opponents since its foundation in 1948. During more than 70 years of existence, Israel has experienced many wars and tensions still exist today. These experiences have brought the nation to prioritise its security. Simultaneously, these experiences have taught the Israelis to cope with challenges in an efficient way, thus the Israeli approach can be very helpful for Europeans.

With the deepening of globalisation and digitalisation many new threats are emerging. NATO recognised cyberspace as a new battlefield in 2016 and added it to the core task of collective defence. On one side, Israel uses the possibilities of cyber but on the other, they are fully aware of the threats, so they are recognising cyberspace as one of the greatest threats that Israel is facing.

Israeli skills within cyber are extraordinary that is one of the reasons why there are so many companies focused on cyber, from all over the world, with offices in Israel. Moreover, Israel supports the start-up industry which is helping to keep up the advancement and further develop the field.

Policy Paper – Adam Voborník, October 2020

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