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2. 7. 2024

The annually held Challenges for Transatlantic Relations conference once again provided a comprehensive view of the current state and development of relations between the EU and the USA in various areas, from economy to politics and security issues.

The economic, political, and security sectors are at the heart of transatlantic relations and have long been a central point of discussion between nations on both sides of the Atlantic. Their importance is even greater as a result of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine and other geopolitical tensions. Given the vulnerability of the transatlantic partnership, collective action is important to address these challenges.

One of the cooperation initiatives was the Transatlantic Green Growth Pact (GGP), which covers cooperation between the United States and the European Union. It aims to support investment and innovation to transition to a low-carbon economy and ensure economic growth and job opportunities. The political uncertainty associated with key elections in the United States and the European Union will seriously affect the international order. At a time when both the United States and the European Union are preparing for key elections, there is political uncertainty in the region, which can have major consequences for transatlantic relations and the entire global functioning. The outcome of the upcoming elections will have an impact far beyond the transatlantic sphere, as it will resonate throughout the international community. For countries to move towards greater stability, security, and a prosperous future, it is necessary to encourage lively discussions between individual nations and citizens.

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