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3. 6. 2020

Each country facing the current COVID-19 pandemic is dealing differently with the dangerous situation. Some countries are doing better in this matter, while others are doing worse. The current situation raises a number of questions, especially concerning what we could do differently or why we were not better prepared. Modern technologies allow us to look into different parts of the world. Subsequently, we can try to answer the mentioned questions.

Countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, the Republic of Korea, and Hong Kong are among the most successful territories in the fight against COVID-19. On the other hand, there are states that have experienced great difficulty in managing the current situation, for a variety of reasons. These reasons include unpreparedness, underestimation of the situation, poor level of health care, or secrecy and manipulation of facts in the case of authoritarian regimes.

Successfully combating the virus requires global cooperation. No state can defeat COVID-19 alone on a global scale. In terms of the interconnectedness of the world, even relatively successful states have not won.

Policy Brief – Adam Voborník, May 2020

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