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22. 6. 2016

The Institute for Politics and Society is proud to announce that we are the proud participants in the project “Promoting Tolerance 2016: Hate Speech, Xenophobia and Nationalism”. This project that started in March 2016 is organised by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) and the American Jewish Committee (AJC). The goal is to foster pluralism and respect for diversity within Europe and within the US, a goal that is held dear to the Institute for Politics and Society.

It is the Institute’s firm belief that hate speech, xenophobia and an increasing nationalistic talk has almost no place within society. By partnering with FNF and AJC, it is the Institute’s firm hope that by building a more tolerant society, this will lead to a better and more harmonious future. To do so, the Institute attended the Promoting Tolerance 2016 conference. The forum can be utilised to combat the growing nationalist sentiment, hate speech and xenophobia especially within the Visegrad 4 – Poland & Hungary.

With the growing fear of migrants, hate speech and nationalist sentiment from various European countries, there is a need to speak up about this. To fight against corruption, it has been advised that we increase the diversity amongst the global economic actors, therefore, we must defend minorities against nationalist attack and xenophobia. The conference allowed for a variety of focus from the Institute, thereby, bringing up numerous points of view that have not been heard yet and allows for our contribution within this area.

One of the growing concerns amongst those living in the Czech Republic, et cetera is that migrants are coming to take over their jobs. This fear helps spur the growth in xenophobia and hate speech. One of the sample topics in 2012 is to help bring about the fear-mongering in that if the government protects minority rights, this will not help erode equal opportunity.

A number of initiatives were introduced to help promote tolerance. It is imperative that countries within Central East and Southeast Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia employs these tactics. By accepting in more minorities, it will help bring about new creativity and innovative activities especially within the Czech Republic.

The programme consists of three section – an online seminar, an international seminar in Europe and a 10 Days study trip to the US. Each will take place at a different time period.

Section 1 is the online seminar which took place from March 11th to March 22nd, 2016. The online seminar consists of the background information, interesting forum discussion a variety of other subjects to help promote tolerance within the countries.

Section 2 is the international seminar in Europe, it was held on June 17th to June 19th in Tbilsi, Georgia. The goal of this exercise is to discuss strategies in which to promote tolerance with other participants. Moreover, it has provided the Institute with an opportunity to develop practical approaches to promote tolerance.

Section 3 is a 10 Days study trip to the US which may be held in October. During this trip, the Institute will have the opportunity to learn more about minority issues and the AJC activities within the US.