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The Institute for Politics and Society in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland cordially invite you to a debate "Achievements and Failures of the Visegrad Group. Polish and Czech Perspective" organized on the occasion of the Czech presidency in the Visegrad Group.

The Visegrad Group (V4) is important for all of its member states as one of the main dimensions of their regional cooperation, and probably the most successful one. All countries perceive the Group as an important factor of their Central European identity – a successful platform and pattern, which is complementary to other forms of international cooperation which the countries take part in. Moreover the V4 is one of the most cohesive and mature ones.

After the positive idealistic and enthusiastic approach towards the deep cooperation of the V4 countries in the beginning of its existence, several disillusionments came based on either domestic political turbulences in each country or on major changes in the world security order.

What are the biggest achievements of the Visegrad group? What are the biggest failures and what led to them? Will V4 stay united over the opposition to the mandatory quotas of refugee redistribution? Does V4 have any influence in Brussels? How will V4 approach the new security threads in the light of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris? And what are the further expectations?

We would like to invite you to discuss these issues and give you the opportunity to express your suggestions as concrete steps for its further improvement. The debate will be held in English.


Jan Macháček, Institute for Politics and Society


Michal Šimečka, Institute of International Relations

Tomáš Kafka, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

Beata Jaczewska, Director of the Visegrad Fund

Martin Ehl, Head of Foreign News, Hospodářské noviny

Jakub Groszkowski, Centre for Eastern Studies

The debate will be held on 30. 11. 2015  from 5pm to 7pm at Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Valdštejnská 8, Prague 1.

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