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The Goethe Institut, the Institute for Politics and Society and the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences cordially invite you to a lecture held by Axel Honneth called Three, Not Two Concepts of Freedom.

In his lecture Axel Honneth contrasts the purely individualistic (positive or negative) concept of freedom in the European tradition and expands it to the concept of communicative and social freedom.  Axel Honneth will be introduced by Marek Hrubec and the evening will end in a discussion with journalist and the chairman of the board of the Institute for Politics and Society Jan Machacek concerning the topic’s current political implications.

Axel Honneth (nar.1949) is one of the most important German philosophers of his generation. As a disciple and successor of Jürgen Habermas in the Frankfurt school he unites “theories of recognition” and socio-critical themes, develops Hegel’s conception of the struggle for recognition and the symbolic interactionism of George Herbert Meads. Axel Honneth was a professor at the universities of Constance, Berlin, New York and Amsterdam. Since 2001, he has been the director of the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt and since 2011 has taught at Columbia University in New York.

Important publications:
Criticism of Power (1985)
The struggle for recognition (1992)
Right of Freedom (2011)
The idea of Socialism (2015)

The lecture will be held on Thursday, 26. 1. from 19:00 in Geothe Institute (Masarykovo nábřeží 32, 110 00 Praha 1).