Institute for Politics and Society organizes a bussiness breakfast on the topic of "Consumption taxation in the Czech Republic"

The excise duties system is a showcase of every country´s public finances. It shows, among other things, the extent to which a functional compromise can be found in the country between “free-to-choose” economic freedom of the individual and the search for methods to eliminate the negative externalities arising from consumption of taxable substances. In the Czech Republic, commodities such as fuel, tobacco, alcohol, beer and wine are especially burdened with excise duties. The revenues from excise duties represent a stable income for the Czech Republic´s public finance system.

Are regulations that focus on only one problem area more meaningful? Can the Czech Republic serve as an example of good practice for other countries in this area?

Confirmed guests:

Adam Vojtěch, Minister, Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

Stanislav Kouba, Deputy Minister for Taxes and Customs, Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic

Tomáš Mlčoch, Health Economics Manager, iHeta,

Aleš Rod, Director, CETA.

Business breakfast will be moderated by Marcela Konrádová, an analyst, Institute for Politics and Society.

The event is for invited guests only.