European Liberal Forum and Institute for Politics and Society cordially invite you to a debate on the topic of Building 5G Networks in Europe.

In the current world, there would not be a day when 5G did not appear to us. In the context, there is always a debate mainly about cyber security. According to some operators and sellers of telecommunication technology, the 5G has a strange magical effect on the market and on the development of communication between people and between devices connected to the Internet.
The 5G is truly groundbreaking when it comes to offering speed and parameters, which have reserved so far for fixed networks in smart phones and other wireless devices. How real are the new business models? When will they come and in what form? We will ask people from the environment of operators as well as digitization industry experts.

What will the installation of the 5G network allow the European states to do? What security risks will the installation of the 5G network entail? What security measures should the European union take to secure its cyberspace?

Confirmed speakers:

Antoni Wrega, Deputy Head of the Mission, Embassy of the Republic Poland to the Czech Republic,

Chris Boyer, Assistant Vice President, Strategic Research and Communications, AT&T,

Jaroslav Šmíd, Deputy Director, National Cyber and Information Security Agency,

Filip Plevač, Expert in Robotization, Digitization and Industry 4.0.

The moderator of the debate will be Ondřej Malý, Former Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade for the Internetisation of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The working language of the debate is English without translation services.

The debate will take place on September 18th 2019, at 5 PM in Hotel Grandior, Na Poříčí 42, Prague 1. 

An event organised by the European Liberal Forum (ELF). Supported by Institute for Politics and Society and partners. Co-funded by the European Parliament. Neither the European Parliament nor the European Liberal Forum are responsible for the content of the programme, or for any use that may be made of it. The views expressed herein are those of the speaker(s) alone. These views do not necessarily reflect those of the European Parliament and/or the European Liberal Forum asbl.

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