The Institute for Politics and Society in cooperation with AJC Project Interchange invites you to the online seminar on "Cybersecurity in Israel and EU: Sharing of experience".

With growing digitization impacting our everyday lives, there are increasing requirements in cybersecurity. Demands to improve cybersecurity are also required from the state and public institutions. In 2016, NATO marked cyberspace as one of the battlefields of the future. In the same year, the National Cyber Operations Centre in the Czech Republic was established.

For decades, Israel has been a top country regarding security and defence capabilities. Israel is also well known for a high level of innovation, quality research and development, and implementation of new technologies. Europe and Israel also share the same values of freedom and democracy, so security and defence cooperation is natural.

What is the philosophy of Israeli cybersecurity? What cyberthreats does Israel face? What can Europe learn from Israeli experiences? What Europe can provide to Israel?

Confirmed speakers:

H.E. Daniel Meron, Ambassador, Embassy of Israel in Prague, Czech Republic,

Tomáš Pojar, Vice-President For International Relations, CEVRO Institute, Former Ambassador, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Israel.


Roman Máca, Analyst, Institute for Politics and Society.

The working language is English. This event is by invitation only.