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The Three Seas Initiative is a forum of twelve states in the European Union, including the Czech Republic, located between the Baltic, Adriatic, and the Black Sea. The initiative was founded in 2015, and its members meet once a year with their states’ presidents. The initiative's goals are to develop cooperation in the fields of transport, energetics, and digital infrastructure. Fulfillment of these goals will lead to a decrease of infrastructural deficit, which is estimated at around half a billion euros in the member countries.

The project aims to fulfill its goals to gain economic growth, higher interest of investors, energy security, strengthening of geopolitical interests, smart connectivity, and gain of the climate goals. There have been several concerns expressed about the possibility of the initiative turning into a coalition of states in the opposition against western Europe, according to its recent development. The concerns should be resolved by the involvement of two observers: the European Union and Germany. In 2019, the leaders of individual member states supported the establishment of the investment fund, used as a source for project financing, which is allegedly going to be financed by The United States of America as well.

Which priorities should be emphasized by the Czech Republic within the Three Seas Initiative and which projects should the Czech Republic participate in? How much should Czech contribute to the fund? And what impact can the Initiative have on the relations within the EU?

Welcome speech on behalf of the Polish government by the Undersecretary of State for Economic and Development Cooperation from the MFA, Mr. Paweł Jabłoński.


  • Jennifer Bachus,  Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy in the Czech Republic.
  • Garrett Marquis, Vice President and Senior Adviser to the Director-General for National Security at US International Development Finance Corporation.
  • Jan Sechter, Deputy Minister for International Relations, Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic.
  • Přemysl Bosák, Member of the Supervisory Board of the Three Seas Initiative, Czech-Moravian Guarantee Development Bank.
  • Petr Pirunčík, Deputy Director, Foreign Affairs Department, Office of the President of the Republic.
  • Ian Brzezinski, Senior Fellow, Transatlantic Security Initiative, Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, former Deputy Minister of Defense for Europe and NATO Policy.
  • Joe Philipsz, Senior Director for the Fund, Amber Infrastructure Limited.

The debate will be moderated by Jan Macháček, the Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Politics and Society.

The event will be live-streamed on our Facebook. The venue is the Polish Embassy in Prague. The event is by invitation only. Wearing face masks during the event is obligated.

Embassy Of Poland In Prague, Valdštejnská, Hradčany, Česko