The European Liberal Forum in cooperation with the Institute for Politics and Society organize international conference the Digital Czech Republic 2020.

Digitalization concerns all areas of human creation and life. If it is to be a good servant, it is also necessary to address the basic principles that are currently under threat and could be destroyed if modern technology is misused. The new European Commission has therefore given the Czech Commissioner Věra Jourová the portfolio of defense of democracy and the Greek Commissioner Margaritis Schinas with the protection of our European way of life. What will this specifically mean and how will it be reflected in the proposals that the European Commission will present over the next five years? Obviously, the emergence of social networking threats and the transfer of public debate to them is the spread of misinformation and fake news, but also hacker threats are a challenge for the Member States and it is not clear how to deal with them.

It is also necessary to continue to transform Europe in terms of education. It is becoming increasingly evident that the requirements of the companies for new employees and entrepreneurs are no longer fully in line with what education systems offer. The future of Europe and the road to prosperity is in the educated and creative population, and education needs to pay much more attention and investment than now, because it is literally the future of our children. This is where new technologies play a critical role.

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