The Institute for Politics and Society invites you to the international conference Digital Czech Republic 2020.

Digitalization presents us with new and fundamental policy and regulatory challenges that we cannot face alone, but only in a common Europe. The new European Commission has a challenging task – to use artificial intelligence as an opportunity to converge the EU economies in the next five years and to keep up with the US and China. In doing so, preserve our values, security and respect for fundamental rights as a major competitive advantage and help grow new dreams of unicorns in the Old Continent. The Czech Republic has much to offer! This year it will be exactly 100 years when the Čapek brothers invented the word robot. A purely Czech name for intelligent machines that are used all over the world. Today, however, it is no longer just a literary denomination, it is truly here, and as we deal with it, it will decide our future for the next century – Setting the agenda for the New Europe.

Keep up to date on the conference website DIGITÁLNÍ ČESKO.