The Institute for Politics and Society and the Consumer Forum Czech Republic organize a Roundtable Debate: Digital Tax.

In the Czech Republic, the introduction of a digital tax is currently being discussed, which should affect the digital services of world IT giants in the Czech Republic. We have thus joined the EU Member States who, with this step under consideration, want to induce the OECD, or at least the EU, to a broader agreement on taxation in the digital sphere. There are strong pros and cons in the debate on the introduction of this tax. They deal with the issue of setting fair conditions of taxation in the IT sector, the possible impact of the tax on consumers and responses in international relations, especially from the US, where the IT giants come from and where they develop their technologies. The Roundtable dedicated to digital tax is organized by the enrolled institute Consumer Forum as an accompanying meeting of the 5th international conference Digital Czech Republic 2020.

What are the risks that the introduction of a digital tax can have, and can it be limited by its formulation? Is the proposed tax more compensatory or discriminatory in terms of conditions in the IT sector? How likely is this tax to be ultimately passed on to consumers through higher prices or restrictions on the availability of digital services in our country? How real is the risk of retaliation by the US? Can the Czech Republic be the target of selective tariffs, like France, that would primarily affect our successful US exporters, and what would be the impact of such tariffs on our economy?


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Welcome Speech and Keynote Speech

Keynote Speech

Petr Gandalovič, Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to the OECD, OECD (Czech Republic)

Viktor Vodička, Director, Czech Consumer Association (Czech Republic)

Zbyněk Frolík, Founder, Member of the Supervisory Board, Linet (Czech Republic)

Ladislav Minčič, Director of Legislation, Law and Analysis Department, Chamber of Commerce (Czech Republic)

Miroslav Zámečník, Economic Analyst, Czech Bank Association (Czech Republic)

Simona Hornochová, Tax Advisor,  Chamber of Tax Advisers of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)

Jana Břeská, Manager for State Administration, SPIR: Internet Development Association (Czech Republic)

Marek Ondroušek, Deputy Chairman, DEN: Digital Economy Network (Czech Republic)

Jan Skopeček, Member of the Chamber of Deputies, Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)

Invited Members of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)


Kryštof Kruliš, Chairman of the Board, Consumer Forum (Czech Republic)

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