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Institute for Politics and Society and Věra Procházková, Member of Czech Parliament, organize a round table on Dignified Death - hospices and euthanasia, care and respect for the dying.

Dying is still on the edge of the public interest. Over the last few years, there has been a big progress in the area of availability and quality of palliative care, but there is still space for improving the care of the suffering and the dying. The question of self-determination and respect to the right of the dying person to make a decision on treatment process, including its termination and eventually end of the suffering through euthanasia (assisted suicide, active euthanasia) still remains close to medical and social treatment. We have an extensive international comparsions and over the ten years of the Czech Dignified Dying draft law.


Věra Procházková – Member of Czech Parliament, doctor


The event is moderated by Milan Hamerský.


This round table is by invitation only.