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The Institute for Politics and Society, in cooperation with Česka spořitelna, is holding a public debate on efficient energy use and waste in business. The debate will be moderated by Jan Macháček, an analyst for Lidove noviny and Chairman of the Board of the Institute for Politics and Society.

This year, the European Commission presented its vision for an energy union, which affects all EU Member States. Higher integration of the energy market is predicted to support a sufficient supply of renewable sources, and the development of modern and more environmentally friendly technologies. An important element of this union is the promotion of energy efficiency to ensure high savings and the prudent handling of large quantities of waste that our consumer society produces. Many an entrepreneur founded their business on waste treatment and recycling, thereby enabling the reuse of materials in other industries.

What changes will the energy union bring? What does it mean for energy efficiency? What systemic measures will be implemented? Can we as a company switch to, so-called, green energy, and at the same time meet our consumption? Can this industry be as successful in the Czech Republic as waste management?

The topic will be discussed with Jan Macháček and a number of expert speakers:

Max Wandler, an expert on energy, the Czech Savings Bank

Petr Havelka, CEO, Czech Waste Management Association

František Petružálek, editor of the magazine, Czech Industry

The debate will take place on 24th 11th 2015 from 18:00 into 20:00 in  CERGE, Politických vězňů 7, Prague 1 . The event will be held in Czech and the admission is free.