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The Institute for Politics and Society is organising a debate called "Evaluation of Governments Transparency and Anticorruption Laws." The debate will be held in Czech.

Corruption deprives the state and reduces public confidence in democracy.  A fight against corruption will include defining a new party in the long term and civic initiatives.

What is the political landscape a year before parliamentary elections? Has the current government had success in fighting corruption? How have the newly adopted rules been operating? Do we need to only tune existing measures or are major changes needed? Which area of corruption should be addressed by the next government?

17:00 – First Block: The results of the current government

Radek Vondráček, deputy for ANO

Hana Marvanová, lawyer on platform: Public against Corruption

Vít Šimral analyst on platform: Reconstruction of State

18:15 – Second Block: The planned measures

Jan Chvojka, Chairman of the Government Legislative Council, CSSD deputy

David Ondráčka, director of Transparency International

Libor Michalek, senator – no party affiliation (PirSZKDU)

Jaroslav Spurný, an investigative reporter for the magazine Respekt

The seminar will be held on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 from 17:00 in the Chamber of Deputies (Hall of State Acts), the Congress 4, Prague 1, under the auspices of the Constitutional Law Committee Vice Radek Vondráček. The debate will be moderated by Milan Hamersky, a lawyer and a representative of the Institute for Politics and Society.