Institute for Politics and Society and Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom organize a hackathon on a topic "How to strengthen free and democratic society?"

This year, we celebrate 30 years from the fall of communism. The transformation was done but we can still see democracies in the Central and Eastern European countries as sensitive and vulnerable. Especially in recent times, the democratic system is facing new challenges of globalization, the fourth industrial revolution, and security threats such as terrorism, radicalization, fake news etc.

New challenges amplify a voice calling for the “good old times” and return to before the year 1989. Information and communication technologies increase a phenomenon of polarization and creating of so-called social bubbles.

Do you have an idea how to stregthen free and democratic society? Or are you working on a project dedicated to this?

This hackathon is not only about coding, but about searching for answers leading to decreasing barriers in societies by creating projects. You can register yourself as one person or as a team. We start on Saturday 12th October 2019 at 10:30 in Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Jugoslávská 620/29, Praha. The end is scheduled on Sunday afternoon. The event is for participants under 33 years old.

3 best projects win:

  1. place 400 EUR and participation on FNF Global Innovation Congress in Berlin (6th November 2019)
  2. place 200 EUR
  3. place 100 EUR


  • Jan Bizík, coordinator of Vodafone Foundation Laboratory
  • Adriana Černá, media coordinator, People in Need
  • Jan Roose, UX designer, CEO Fireball Inc., 3x winner of hackathon
  • Toni Skorić, project manager, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom
  • Roman Máca, analyst, Institute for Politics and Society

Event is organized by the Institute for Politics and Society and Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

Contact: Roman Máca,


  1. place project “Fair Advertising” (Alena Zikmundová, Herbert Ullrich)
  2. place project “Atlas Demos” (Markéta Plesníková, Aneta Hejrovská, Petr Špirit)
  3. place project “Nesuď.me” (Jan Hauser, Pavel Borovička)