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The Institute for Politics and Society and the Republikon Institute hold a business breakfast entitled How Liberals Perceive the Challenge of Migration.

The purpose of the business breakfast is to engage in active dialog surrounding the ongoing challenges related to migration:

The migration crisis has been one of the most important political issues in Europe since the onset of the Syrian Civil War and has significantly impacted European liberalism and liberal parties. The crisis is widely credited with contributing to the already existing problems of European liberals, leading to a rise in populism throughout Europe. Liberal parties have tried to develop sound policy solutions, which have been, to varying degrees, politically successful.

Which policies have gained political support? What policies and actions have worked to address the challenge of migration? How have liberals in different countries approached the influx of migration? How can liberals work together to retain their strength in Europe?

The workshop breakfast will address all of these questions and more as we work together to develop strategies and solutions for liberal utility.


Dániel Mikecz, Republikon Institute (Hungary)

Lucie Sládková, International Organization for Migration (Czech Republic)

Jan Kovář, Institute of International Relations (Czech Republic)

The workshop will be moderated by Anna Shavit, a political scientist, Charles University. The event will be held in English without translation services and it is by invitation only.