Institute for Politics and Society invites you to Interview with Japanese security expert and foreign policy analyst Watanabe Tsuneo.


Watanabe Tsuneo is senior research fellow of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, an independent policy research organization in Tokyo. Watanabe joined the Sasakawa Peace Foundation in October 2016. Previously, he had served as senior fellow and director of foreign and security policy research at the Tokyo Foundation (2009–2016), senior fellow at the Mitsui Global Strategic Studies Institute in Tokyo (2005–2009), and research associate, fellow, and senior fellow at CSIS in Washington (1995–2005). His publications include “Japan’s ‘Proactive Contribution’ and US Rebalancing Policy” in Asia Pacific Countries and the US Rebalancing Strategy, edited by David W.F. Huang (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016); “A NATO-Asia Partnership Would Ease Japan’s Regional Security Cooperation Dilemma,” in NATO and Asia Pacific, edited by Alexander Moens and Brooke A. Smith-Windsor (NATO Defense College, 2016); “New Understanding of Contemporary America” [in Japanese] (Mikasa Shobo, 2012); and “Are the US and China Trading Places in 2025: History Tells the Truth of US-China Relations” [in Japanese] (PHP Research Institute, 2011). Watanabe received his D.D.S. from Tohoku University in Japan and his M.A. in political science from the New School for Social Research in New York.

The moderator is Filip Lukeš, Institute for Politics and Society