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The Institute for Politics and Society, organizes in cooperation with NYU, a public debate "Is Germany rolling over Europe?"

On behalf of the Institute for Politics and Society we would like to invite you to public debate with the topic „Is Germany rolling over Europe?“

The debate will dwell on questions:

What is the role of Germany in multiple crises which Europe is now facing? We could have witnessed some German bashing recently, especially concerning migration. Is it justifiable?


Jiří Pehe, Director of New York University in Prague

Jan Macháček, Chairman of the Board of the Institute for Politics and Society

Edvard Outrata, Former Senator and Politician

The debate will be held on 4 November 2015  from 6pm to 8pm at NYU Prague, Malé náměstí 11, 110 00 Praha.  

Admission is free.  This debate will be held in English without translation.