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The Institute for Politics and Society is holding a breakfast meeting with the Minister of Defense, Martin Stropnický and the CEO of Jagello 2000, Zbyněk Pavlačík.

The meeting will take a place on Friday, May 6th. It will be hosted by the Analyst of the Institute for Politics and Society, Anna Matuskova, and it is exclusively for invited guests.

The topic at the breakfast will be migration and the correlated security efforts between the Czech Republic and the European Union. Additionally, addressing what security measures the Czech Republic and the EU have undergone, and lastly, analyzing the role of the Czech Republic, EU and NATO in these affairs.

These and other questions will be answered by the Minister of Defense Martin Stropnický and director of Jagello 2000 Zbyněk Pavlačík.

Meeting in the form of a breakfast will be moderated by Anna Shavit, analyst of the institute. Breakfast is exclusively invite only.