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The Institute for Politics and Society organizes a public debate called NATO and EU Attitude towards the Russian Aggression in Ukraine. The event will be held in Czech and the admission is free.

The Institute for Politics and Society is organizing a debate on the position of NATO and the EU on Russian aggression in the Ukraine.

The recently established Pro-EU coalition government in the Ukraine has fallen at the end of February. What is the current developments in the Ukraine? Is the truce being truly respected in the East by all parties involved? Have we forgotten Ukraine’s issue in the midst of the refugee crisis?  What help does Ukraine need? How is the situation of gas and energy affecting Ukraine?

The discussion will be led by Petr Pojman, Criminologist. Including others speakers:

Lenka Víchová, Editor of the Ukrainian journal

Christina Zelienková, Deputy movement YES

Petra Procházková, Journalist and author

Oleksandr Nykonorov, an expert on separatism in Ukraine

The debate will take place on May 10, 2016 at 6 p.m. in Schebek Palace (Politických vězňů 7, Praha).