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The Institute for Politics and Society is organizing a debate on water scarcity and droughts.

Water scarcity, formerly only a characteristic of lands far to the south, are stealthily beginning to manifest in our country. Prolonged drought, dry riverbeds and cracked land are becoming part of the summer months. Some municipalities last year lacked drinking water and some factories threatened to halt production due to lack of water. Among the priorities of the Cabinet, therefore, is to introduce measures that would better protect the Czech countryside against climatic extremes, because it is envisaged that a similar trend will continue in future years. They must change the way farming on agricultural and forest land is perceived among farmers and foresters, the key is also introducing measures that would keep dry season water in the landscape. Drought can also have a large socioeconomic impact.

Water will be among the most valuable commodity on the planet in the near future, the 21st century will be the century of water scarcity. According to scientists, climate change will result in half the earth’s surface being be affected by catastrophic drought. The consequence will be hunger, mass migration and war, especially over water resources.

What awaits us this year? How can drought and water shortages be reduced in the long term and by what means? How do we avoid water wars? Does the Czech Republic use effective hydro-diplomacy?


Richard Brabec, Minister of the Environment

Jan Daňhelka, deputy director of the Czech Hydro-meteorological Institute

Bohumír Jansky, geographer and hydrologist, the Faculty of Science

The debate will be held on June 14, 2016 at 18:00 aboard the ship (A)void Gallery, moored on the waterfront (naplavka) close to the Railway Bridge.

The debate will be moderated by Jan Machacek, Chairman of the Board of the Institute for Politics and Society.

The event will be held in Czech and admission is free.