The Institute for Politics and Society invites you to a public debate on the topic of "Plastics everywhere you look. Can we stop the plastic time?"

The state of the environment is being more and more the centrepiece of discussions across all social classes and continents. Social networks warn against accumulation of waste – the death of whales because of full plastic stomach, beaches littered with tons of garbage or mountain landscapes “decorated” with plastic. While such contributions often do not correspond to reality, the power of the Internet is enormous, and many people would swear on the spot that, for example, they would gradually discard plastic packaging from their lives. Cleaning events are organized around the world (e.g. Clean up the Czech Republic in the Czech Republic at the beginning of April), and cleaning challenges on social networks are also popular. Although a lifestyle based on non-packaging or plastic restraint is also being fashioned, and they are sorted and recycled every year, the planet will never be able to get rid of the garbage for 100%. Life without plastics is not possible today or in the near future, although plastic production is being reduced in many industrial and social areas.

Could we ever live in the after-plastic time? Is plastic production being reduced and can it be totally excluded from our lives? For which players is their production an advantageous business? What does plastic pollution mean to nature?

Confirmed speakers are:

Jan Freidinger, Greenpeace

Ladislav Trylč, Head of the Take-back Department, Ministry of the Environment

The debate will take place on May 30th  2019, at 5 – 7 PM in Prague. The exact venue will be specified.