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The Institute for Politics and Society invites you to a round table with European Commissioner Věra Jourová on the topic AI and the future of Europe.

The roundtable is a part of New European Economic Forum project that aims to solve the biggest economic and political challenges of the continent through coalition building, events, news, analyses, and expert perspectives. In the era of digitally driven global transformation of the world economy and geopolitics, we aim to build bridges between West and East of Europe, between the evolving businesses and the catching-up public sector.

The New European Economy Forum engages top European leaders: politicians,  entrepreneurs, top-ranking public officers, and leading experts, by creating a venue that facilitates informed and private debate. They include EU Commissioners and their cabinet members, ministers and other government representatives, renowned economic experts and influential business people. Members of our network meet at the roundtables to discuss urging topics and propose solutions.

AI and New Economic Transformation

The rise of smart machines is one of the strongest new growth drivers for the global economy and a huge opportunity for Europe. To catch up with the tech superpowers – US and China – the European Commission came with a bold proposal to boost EU28 in the global race for digital supremacy. Whole sectors, starting with manufacturing and automotive, need to be prepared for tectonic shifts. We need more investments to help large and small companies adapt to the fourth industrial revolution and build a whole new AI ecosystem around excellent European university centres focused on AI and High-performance computing (HPC).
The round table is by invitation only. The working language is English.