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The Institute for Politics and Society invites you to a debate called Service Law in Practice.

Has the Service Law fulfilled expectations?Has the professionalism and the-politicization of the state administration been brought about? Has the Service Law brought personnel stabilization to public administration? Which issues should be edited as soon as possible? What kind of  public administration we want in the outlook for 10 years?

The debate will include:

Radek Vondráček, deputy and first deputy chairman of PSP CR

JUDr. Rudolf Pospíšil, 1st Vice-Chairman of the Union of State Authorities and Organizations

Jan Lišák, State Secretary of the Office of the Ministry of Justice

Edvard Outrata, former chairman of the Czech Statistical Office, served in the state administration of Canada, the former Vice-President of the Senate

State Secretary (TBA)

The debate will take place on June 26, 2017 at 17:00 in the Chamber of Deputies (Sněmovní 4, Room No. 106). The debate will moderate Milan Hamerský, a political scientist, a constitutional lawyer and an external associate of the Institute for Politics and Society.