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The Institute for Politics and Society is holding a workshop called Data driven government. This debate is exclusively held in Czech.

Data based decisions making is currently one of the most effective means to run anything from a company, state, or organization. However, public sector employees do not possess the appropriate experiences and knowledge, nor the tools to utilize the data to effectively run their institutions. Data driven managements has undisputed advantages and offers a whole new view on already existing problems and challenges.

The workshop will introduce these points to the attendees and will focus more concretely on the demonstrated examples and case studies:

  • What is Big Data? And what are its advantages?
  • Can every clerk can be a data analyst?
  • Data visualization as a solution to current problems of individual ministries
  • Automatization of data working as a tool for more effective state management.
  • Is open data  an opportunity for development?
  • Prediction and tools of future which will change the way we run our country.


The meeting will take a place on Wednesday, May 4th. Workshop led by Filip Dřímalka, an expert on digital innovation, Filip Douška, an expert in big data and author of book Hejno bez ptáků, Michal Kubáň, national coordinator of open data, and Vojtěch Roček, an expert on modern tools for working with data. Workshop is exclusively for invited guests.