European Liberal Forum and Institute for Politics and Society cordially invite you to the discussion "Technological Dependency and Cybersecurity".

Technological dependency and cybersecurity are becoming a hotly debated topic. The Czech government recently restricted the use of Huawei phones for official use, the U.S. is dissuading its European partners from allowing China to build their 5G networks, and the EU recently warned of relying too heavily on Chinese technologies and investments. 

Do Chinese investments or Chinese technology like Huawei represent a security threat?  How is the perception of threat informed by U.S.-EU relations, EU-China relations, and Sino-American relations?

Welcome Speech:

Erik W. Black, Cultural Attaché, U.S. Embassy in the Czech Republic.

Confirmed Speakers:

Ondřej Malý, Former Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade for the Internetisation of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Industry and Trade,

Kateřina Procházková, Former Czech Radio reporter in Asia and foreign editor of Czech TV, Journalist and Analyst of the project Synopsis,

Martin Rehák, CEO & founder, Bulletproof AI,

Jan Klesla, Digital Expert,

Maria Staszkiewicz, Director of Czech FinTech Association.

Moderator: Roman MácaAnalyst, Institute for Politics and Society.

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