The Institute for Politics and Society invites you to the business breakfast "The Czech Republic Chairing V4 Group Again".


The Czech Republic assumed its already seventh presidency of the Visegrad Four (V4) Group. The presidency is based on three main pillars: Safe and advanced society, Innovative and interconnected economy, and Support to Ukraine. However, the Czech Republic is facing several challenges during its presidency, like Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine and the economic, migration, and energetic impacts following it. Another issue is the inconsistency between the V4 member states on various issues. At the same time, there are rising voices claiming that the V4 Group has already accomplished its purpose and there is no more reason for the Czech Republic to remain part of it.

How important is the V4 in the functioning of the EU, and to what extent does the V4 reflect the interests and goals of the EU in relation to the pillars of the Czech Presidency? What can now be considered the main challenges of the V4? How strong is the bond between the V4 member states? What are the benefits of V4 membership for the Czech Republic? How strong a regional player is the V4 Group now compared to the past, and what is the possible course of the Group in the near future? Is it true that the V4 currently operates more on the principle of 2+2 cooperation, i.e. the Czech Republic with Slovakia and Poland with Hungary, as some experts claim?

Confirmed speakers:

  • Štěpán Černý, Senior Director, Section for European Affairs, The Office of the Government of the Czech Republic
  • Ivan Jestřáb, Director, Central European Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic
  • Mats Braun, Director, Institute of International Relations
  • Pavlína Janebová, Research Director, Association for International Affairs

Moderator: Jan Macháček, Chairman of the Board, Institute for Politics and Society


The closed debate will be held on September 14th, 2023 from 8:30 to 10:00. The working language of the business breakfast is English. The event is by invitation only.