Institute for Politics and Society in cooperation with Prague European Summit organizes a panel discussion The Future Path of Euro.

The eurozone can only work if countries are better off inside the currency union than on the outside of it. In its current form, the single currency seems unsustainable in the long term. At the same time, the success and/or failure of the eurozone will determine the EU’s future, as continuing low growth and divergent economic fortunes will further spur Euroscepticism.

This panel provides a space to consider the following questions: What are the missing pieces of the eurozone architecture? How can we move beyond the current visions of eurozone governance? Has the eurozone governance been sufficiently reformed to deal with a future crisis? What are the criteria on the basis of which the eurozone will evolve? Do Germany and France hold the keys in the related decisions, or are other EU member states equally important in this regard?

Confirmed speakers:

Gabriela Cretu, Chairwoman of the European Affairs Committee, Senate of Romania,

Hanni Schölermann, Economist, IMF Europe Office in Brussels,

Jean-Pierre Landau, Affiliated Professor, SciencesPo,

Oldřich Dědek, Bank Board member, Czech National Bank.

Moderator: Jan Macháček, Chairman of the Board, Institute for Politics and Society