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The Institute for Politics and Society will be hosting a public debate on “The Impact of Climate change”. The debate will be moderate by Professor Miroslav Barta, a member of the Board of the Institute.

Climate change has a multitude of deleterious effects such as an increase of devastating droughts or an increase to an inordinate level of temperature fluctuations that may result in death such as a decrease in harvest and an increase of in hunger. As a result of the climate change today, some of the populate regions may soon be under water, causing a new wave of migration called climate migrants. However, this calamitous effect can be mitigated.

On November 30th, Paris will begin the Climate Conference in the UN, where they will try and pass a new legally binding agreement to help avert this disaster. The conference will contain approximately 150 heads of State including Prime Minister Sobotka and the Minister of Environment Brabec.

Can we change course and avert disaster? How will the world be able to reduce emissions at the time of cheap oil and coal? Will all 196 UN member states agree on the rules? Will the limitations on emissions decrease economic growth?

The debate will be moderated by a member of the Board of the Institute, Professor Miroslav Bárta.

The following will be on the panel:

Richard Brabec, Minister for the Environment

David Storch, Centre for Theoretical Studies at Charles University

Petr Pokorný, Centre for Theoretical Studies at Charles University & the Czech Academy of Sciences

Robert Stojanov, Department of Social Geography and Regional Development Faculty of Charles University

The debate will be held on December 14, 2015 at 18:00. The location will be provided below:

Schebekove Palace,

Politických vězňů 7