The Institute for Politics and Society invites you to a business breakfast on Transitioning seats: Belgium's legacy and Hungary's horizon in EU leadership

The presidency of the Council of the EU is once again set to transition, with Hungary poised to assume the post following Belgium in July 2024. Throughout its tenure, the so-called European Capital, Brussels, has outlined six key priorities it aimed to address. These encompass defending the rule of law and democratic principles, promoting sustainable climate policies, and reinforcing the protection of European citizens, among others. As Hungary prepares to take up the presidency, it is confronted by challenging global and regional geopolitical shifts with the urgent need to guide Europe toward unity and resilience. Hungary’s upcoming presidency presents a strategic opportunity to observe and shape the EU’s future trajectory.

How effective has Belgium been in advancing its priorities during its presidency of the Council of the EU? What is the current dynamic of the European stage, and what are the prospects for the second half of the year? As Hungary readies itself for the EU Presidency, what challenges must it confront to maintain Europe’s cohesion and strength amidst global geopolitical uncertainties? How can Hungary leverage its incoming EU Presidency to address emerging challenges and opportunities facing the European Union and the broader international community?


Jurgen Van Meirvenne, Ambassador, Embassy of Belgium of the Czech Republic

András Baranyi, Ambassador, Embassy of the Hungary of the Czech Republic

Moderator: Jan Macháček, Chairman of the Board, Institute for Politics and Society