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The Institute for Politics and Society in a cooperation with European Liberal Forum is holding a business breakfast called Unconditional basic income - the end of work as we know it? The event is organised with the financial support of the European Parliament. Neither the European Parliament nor the European Liberal Forum are liable for it.

The idea that artificial intelligence and automation will one day spell the end of the work grows across the political spectrum. Whether such a case can really arise is not a new question. Many have speculated how realistic it would be to fund, and even if it would be tested before it is allowed to become a reality. Although governments around the world have begun pilot studies for the basic income model, it is unclear whether they are truly testing its potential. Instead, they may be hoping that the basic monthly income for every citizen could replace the robust benefit and tax systems and bring about the explosion of entrepreneurship. Perhaps an alternative model, such as conditional income based on education, could be a better solution.

Is it a dangerous utopia or an answer to a more digitized society where human labor will be more and more obsolete? Is it really a way how to unleash our talents and create a better and more creative society or just another unrealistic model?

List of additional topics which will be discussed can be found HERE.


Jan Van Cauwnberghe , Studecentrum Albert

Niklas Mannfolk , SFP, ALDE

Pavel Kysilka , economist and founder of 6D Academy


Marek Havrda, Strategy Advisor, GoodAI

The debate will be moderated by  Jan Klesla , Deputy Head of the Economic Section, Lidové noviny (Czech Republic).

The discussion will take place on 31st October  2017  from 8:15  to 10:00  am in Prague. The event is held in English and is by invitation only.