The Institute for Politics and Society, European Liberal Forum and Friedrich Naumann Foundation invite you to the business breakfast "US Presidential Election 2024 and Its Impact on Transatlantic Relations".

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The United States of America will face another presidential election in fall next year. The current President Biden has already announced his ambition to run again and to seek re-election with Vice President Harris. Former President Trump has also announced his candidacy. The American presidential election is regularly followed with excitement by the whole world, because who sits at the table in the Oval Office will have an effect not only on the functioning of the United States, but also on the whole world. The US presidential election is crucial for transatlantic relations as its outcome will have a major impact on foreign and security policy. Last but not least, the election of the US President is important for Europe on the issue of the conflict in Ukraine and its support for victory in the war with Russia.

How would the re-election of President Trump affect transatlantic relations? What are the key international issues that will affect the US election? How will US-EU relations develop after the election? How might a new US president affect the functioning of NATO and what would be the best scenario for Ukraine? What changes might occur in the security policy sphere after the elections, including with regard to the war in Ukraine? In what ways might US foreign policy change after the election?
Confirmed speakers:
  • Charles A. Kupchan, Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations (USA)
  • Timmy Dooley, Co-President, ALDE party (Republic of Ireland)
  • Kryštof Kozák, Department of North American Studies, Institute of International Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences Charles University

Moderator: Irena Krcháková, Czech Television

The event will be held on October 6th, 2023. The working language of the business breakfast is English. The event is by invitation only.