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Institute for Politics and Society invite you to the public discussion on US troops withdrawals from Iraq and Syria. Is it Trump’s mistake or move to peace?

The decision to withdraw US troops from Syria caused a strong response in the US and on the international stage followed by the resignation of the Defence Secretary James Mattis. United States began with a partial withdrawal of troops from Iraq already in March. According to President Donald Trump the main reason for this action is the end of the war with Daesh (ISIS).

Is the Islamic fundamentalism defeated? Isn’t it just the betrayal of Kurdish YPGs? Could it be considered as a threat to fragile stability or as a move to a long-term peace in the region? Who is capable to take over the US role in the region? Can this decision lead to strengthen position of Putin’s Russia?

Confirmed speakers: 

Jakub Landovský, Deputy Minister – Head of the Defence Policy and Strategy Division, Ministry of Defence

Petr Boháček, Research Fellow, Association for International Affairs

Oldřich Bureš, Head of the Center for Security Studies, Metropolitan University

Jan Ludvík, Research Fellow of the Center for Security Policy, Charles University

The public discussion will be moderated by Roman Máca, analyst of Institute for Politics and Society.

Working language is Czech.

The debate will be held in 27th February, 17:00-19:00 in aula of Nadace pro rozvoj architektury a stavitelství, Václavské náměstí 31, Praha.