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The Institute of planning and Development Authority in Prague, in cooperation with the Institute of Politics and Society, will be organising a public debate on women and public space. The debate will be moderated by Christina Drapalova’s publicist.

Public space is available to everyone and has become common. Everyone occupies but is there true equality within the public sphere? Does everyone have the same needs and demands within the public sphere? Do women and men have the same equality within it?  Is there a way to shape it so that everyone has an equal amount and people feel free to speak their minds within it?

Surveys show that women constitute the majority of public spaces. Nevertheless, it is only in the last few years where there was an uptake in urban planning. The first place that takes this into account, “gender mainstreaming” is Vienna. Since the 90s, there was an increase in exploring the needs of various groups of people within the public space, such as the city for the planning of the streets and squares, as well as the regulations and rules. In areas where women do not feel safe, such as darken alleyways or streets, there was an increase in public lighting. For the same reason, there was a decrease of planting of high hedges. Complex intersections were then adapted to the elderly with walker or crutches.  Under the title, “Shared Fair City, there has been numerous projects that were enacted to ensure that the city become more pleasant for marginalised groups such as women and seniors. Vienna’s pursuit of gender equality has finally brought on an improved quality of life for all and has become an inspiration to other Western European cities.

What about the women in Prague? Who shapes the local public spaces? What about the route to the city? Is it really for everyone?

Guest speakers of the Institute for Politics and Society are:

Paul Melková, director of the center section detail IPR Prague

Anna Kárníková, President of the Organizing Committee of the Congress of Women

Milota Sidorová, founder and director of Women initiative. Public Space, consultant for urban projects

Lenka Burgerová, Councillor for Territorial Development Prague 7

The debate will take place on November 25th at 19:00. The event will be held in Czech and the admission is free.
The location is provided below:

La Fabrika Komunardu 30

Prague 7, Holesovice