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The Institute for Politics and Society is organising a debate called "What Kind of Senate Do We Need?" The debate will be held in Czech.

How to deal with the experience and activities of the existing Senate? Has the Senate proven itself in the legislative process? Are senators ready to negotiate seriously about the radical changes that would bring a change of perception of the Senate as an “unwanted and unnecessary” chamber in the pillar of democracy?

These issues will be discussed with you:

Eliška Wagnerová, an independent senator, former judge of the Constitutional Court

František Bublan,  ČSSD senator, former Minister of Interior

Jiří Zlatuška, deputy movement Yes, Senator 2002-2008

Petr Just, a political scientist, Metropolitan University Prague


The debate will be held on Tuesday, November 29 from 18:30 at Café Kampus (Náprstkova 10, Prague 1) for moderation lawyer and a representative of the Institute for Politics and Society Milan Hamerského.