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The Institute for Politics and Society will be organising a second public debate on the cycle of training: “Who is teaching at Czech schools”?

Teach First, Teach for US, Teach for Slovakia are some of the various programmes that are trying to get talented graduates to utilise their talent and become teachers. In the Czech Republic, however, this is not possible. The Educational Staff Act limits the ability to teach to only those who have acquired a higher tertiary educational level.

In theory, this makes sense especially since the faculty of education has someone to report to and there are various standards and expectations that the teachers are expected to adhere to. For instance, when the best of the faculties of education schools as well go; (2) Is there any content in the curriculum that is unclear; (3) What role should the state play? It is an implementer? Should it be a public service; (4) How to ensure that the Czech teachers are adequate and respected professionals. Additionally, we realise that the teachers are influencing the minds of the next generation.

The following people will be discussing the education agenda:

Karel Rais, a member of the Czech Parliament

Paul KYSILKA, former Executive Governor of the CNB and CEO of MS

Pavlína Žáková, economic advisor to the European Commission Representation in the Czech Republic

Dáša Divišová, independent consultant

The debate will be moderated by Bohumil Kartous who is the head of communications EdUin. Additionally, he is also an independent consultant for the Institute for Politics and Society. The debate will take place on March 8th, 2016 from 17:00 in the conference room of Coworking Prague.

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