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The Institute for Politics and Society is organising a debate called "Will School as We Know it Today Perish?" The debate will be held in Czech.

The growing popularity of so called “Alternative Schools” is not limited to the Czech Republic. They are characterized by alternative methods in the teaching and usually try to approach the curriculum through games, discussion and problematic tasks.  The interest in these alternate schools has coincided with the rise of interest in home schooling.

Are “classic” schools therefore becoming anachronistic? What is the role of schools in the city, your community and society as a whole? Does school meet societal expectations today and with a vision for the future? What do parents expect from schools as an institution?

The panel will include:

prof. Milan Hejný, founder of H-mat

Ondřej Neumajer, consultant and expert on education

Paul Kraemer, director of the Institute to support innovative education

Vít Beran, director of ZŠ Kunratice

Zuzana Nehajová, representant of Ernst & Young

The debate will be held on February 16, 2017 from 17:00 in CoWorking Prague (Charles Square 7, Prague).

The debate was moderated by Dáša Divišová, project manager Depositum Bonum Foundation and member of the working group at the Institute of Education Policy and Society.